The Lovely Trailer for Ayami Muto’s Major Debut Album “Eien to Shunkan” Unveiled!

The Lovely Trailer for Ayami Muto’s Major Debut Album “Eien to Shunkan” Unveiled!

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It’s been announced that Ayami Muto will be releasing her major debut album “Eien to Shunkan (Eternity and the Moment)” on April 23. Furthermore, she will be holding the one-man concert titled “BIRTH” at TSUTAYA O-EAST on April 29.

Today, the trailer video and CD cover photo for the debut album have now been released. The trailer video features Ayami Muto looking cute and lovely as she stands quietly surrounded by bubbles in a city in the air, hinting at the beginning of a new story.

The trailer was directed by Kosai Sekine, the Young Director Award winner at the Cannes Advertising Festival 2006 who actively works all around the world and has been garnering a great deal of attention.
He has created a wide variety of advertising material including TV commercials, web movies, music videos, and short films for top brands TOYOTA, Nike, UNIQLO, and Shiseido. He was also featured in the March issue of the advertising magazine Commercial Photo, which went on sale last month. Mr. Sekine is Japan’s first notable creator, who creates innovative videos for the rest of the world.

The styling in the video was done by top stylist Tetsuro Nagase. With regard to this trailer Mr. Sekine said, “In this era of chaos and confusion, Ayami Muto is trying to open up a path for new genre. In this trailer I have depicted her as a modern Joan of Arc, a girl on her own swooping down into the world from the skies.”

Check the trailer video below!

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In addition, the details on the album have been also revealed. The album will be released in theree different edition.
The Limited Edition titled “Seventeen ver.” will come with DVD features her documentary movie and Music Video. The documentary movie traces her precious two years since 2012 spring when her solo project has not announced yet.
The Shunkan ver., is limited in quantity, will come with aym cards features Muto’s photography in 17 different style.

Muto graduated from Sakura Gakuin in 2012. In July, last year, she made covers after famous melodies of ’80s idols and presented live at “Muto Ayami LIVE DNA 1980”. That was the time when Muto Ayami started her career as a solo artist. In the sound production of her major debut Akimitsu Honma took part. The melodies of 1980 idols, which Muto loves very much, have their lyrics composed by Yoshiko Miura and Mori Yukinojo. Nishi-ken started as sound creator. He also took part in sound arrangements.

The album title is “Eien to Shunkan (Eternity and moment)”. Everything in this album is created with a balance: “If we change too much, the important part is lost. If we don’t change, it will look old.” Mixing the new with the old in a perfect balance, the original outlook is preserved.

Muto Ayami’s songs, full of freshness and clarity, give a strong vibration. Don’t miss this new creation mixing the new with the old!

“Eien to Shunkan” Track List

01. Sora
02. Jikan to iu Wonderland
03. Irodori no Natsu
04. Sakura Romance
05. Toumei Shoujo
06. A.Y.M
07. Megami no Suggestion
08. Eien to Shunkan

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Eien To Shunkan / Ayami Muto

Eien To Shunkan / Ayami Muto

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