Aya Shibata (SKE48) Begins Her Next Chapter in the MV for her Graduation Song “Sayonara ga Utsukushikute”

Aya Shibata (SKE48) Begins Her Next Chapter in the MV for her Graduation Song “Sayonara ga Utsukushikute”

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4th generation members bid farewell to Aya Shibata in the MV for her graduation song “Sayonara ga Utsukushikute” from SKE48‘s 20th single “Kin no Ai, Gin no Ai” (release date: August 17).

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Wearing a bright red dress and climbing up some giant stairs, Aya is met by her fellow 4th generation members who stand with her as she prepares to begin a new chapter in her life after graduating from SKE48 at the end of August. Of course there are many scenes of her showing off the many expressions that she is known for (maybe not all of them).

Here are some screenshots!

“Kin no Ai, Gin no Ai” will be released in 4 limited edition and 4 regular versions, each with a DVD. Type-A includes the bonus song “Happy Ranking” by Ranking Girls 2016 senbatsu. Type-B includes the bonus song “Madogiwa LOVER” by Next Position. Type-C includes “Sayonara ga Utsukushikute”, Aya Shibata’s graduation song featuring her and the 4th generation SKE48 members. Type-D includes the bonus song “Ii Hito Ii Hito Sagi” by Yancha na Tenshi to Yasashii Akuma. The coupling song for all versions is “Konya wa Shake it!” by Love Crescendo. The DVD for each version includes the MV for “Kin no Ai, Gin no Ai” as well as the one for their exclusive songs. Further contents have not been announced.

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