The End is a New Beginning, Akishibu project Shouts in the MV for “Change The World”

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The End is a New Beginning, Akishibu project Shouts in the MV for “Change The World”

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Akishibu project released the music video for “Change The World” which is the lead track for their upcoming 2nd mini album “NEW WORLD” (release date: February 23rd).

Akishibu project, who have performed at music festivals in countries around Asia and who have taken not only Japan but the entire world by storm, are releasing their long-awaited 2nd mini album, “NEW WORLD.” The group’s conceptual goal of fusing the different cultures of Akihabara and Shibuya is prominently depicted on the mini album’s jacket art. Its contents are also quite jam-packed for a mini album, featuring eight songs.


The tracks are typical of Akishibu project; being based around a core of mainstream idol tracks that deliver a strong message. A cover of the song “Dear Best Friend”, which member Yue Miyatani sang on Asia Diva Audition, is also included in the album. This song made Miyatani a finalist in the audition, and it was this success that inspired her to join the group. A ballad that truthfully depicts a girl thinking about her bonds with her friends, this song will reach a wide cross-section of the listening audience, with an advance release planned on the online music service Recochoku.

Also, in the music video for “Change The World” which was published prior to the release, the members challenge themselves in an extreme location as they dance in the freezing rain wearing nothing but a one-piece in the middle of winter! Additional locations include places like the vast grounds of Izu-Oshima, and the tracks of this work express a global view.

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In “Change The World”, the end is a new beginning. A song that identifies with them as they carve out their future.
The contrast of black and white makes this music video quite impressive, it describes their challenging spirit to the NEW WORLD.

Akishibu project will start the release events for “NEW WORLD” from February 20th at Koshiagaya Lake Town and hold their one-man concert at Akasaka BLITZ on March 22nd.
Their evolution knows no bounds!

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