Akishibu project Film a Comforting Springtime MV for “Dear Best Friend”!

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Akishibu project Film a Comforting Springtime MV for “Dear Best Friend”!

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Akishibu project step behind the camera in the self-directed/filmed MV for “Dear Best Friend” from their 2nd mini album “NEW WORLD” (release date: February 23)!

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“Dear Best Friend” is a cover of R&B singer Momoyo Fukuda’s debut single and was the song that Akishibu project leader Yue Miyatani sang during the Asia Diva Audition, where she became a finalist and decided to join the group. Keeping with the theme of the original song and MV, the members of Akishibu project show off their affection for each other while strolling by the seashore and on a riverbank adorned with plum blossoms.

There are 3 different versions of “NEW WORLD” and “Dear Best Friend” is the bonus track on Type-C. The bonus track for Type-A is titled “Sora no Kanata” and for Type-B, the bonus track is titled “RIVAL”. Having recently performed overseas at Cool Japan Festival in the Philippines in November of 2015 and Japan Expo Thailand in January of 2016, Akishibu project will be holding their biggest one-man live in their history on March 22, 2016 at Akasaka BLITZ! They have just begun to “Change The World”!

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