X21 Release Futuristic MV for Their 7th Single “Yakusoku no Oka”!

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X21 Release Futuristic MV for Their 7th Single “Yakusoku no Oka”!

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X21 are aiming to crossover from the world of idols with the MV for their 7th single “Yakusoku no Oka” (release date: March 30)!

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“Yakusoku no Oka” was composed and produced by legendary hitmaker Tetsuya Komuro, and features his signature wall of synthesizers dominating the futuristic dance track. Scenes in a studio lit by brightly glowing orbs are juxtaposed with closeups of the members in a dark room with only a single spotlight. Here are some screencaps!

“Yakusoku no Oka” will be released in a CD/DVD version and a regular CD version. The DVD for the CD/DVD version includes the MV for “Yakusoku no Oka” as well as deleted/unused scenes from the MV. The CD version includes a bonus track titled “Who is X!?” and the coupling song for both versions is titled “3-do-me no First love”. There are 2 additional versions but they are only available on mu-mo and at X21 events.

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Yakusoku no Oka / X21
Yakusoku no Oka / X21

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