So Birds! Akane Takayanagi Spreads her Wings in 1st Photobook “Churi”!

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So Birds! Akane Takayanagi Spreads her Wings in 1st Photobook “Churi”!

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Akane Takayanagi, SKE48‘s most famous bird-watcher, is releasing her first solo photobook “Churi” (release date: September 30) and it is full of all kinds of new experiences for her!


With photography taking place in Malaysia, Takayanagi is shown exploring the largest bird park in the world, KL Bird Park, and getting up close and personal with many of her fine feathered friends. Trying out parasailing for the first time, Takayanagi experiences what it must be like to glide through the blue skies.


There are also some scenes where she shows off her more mature side while remaining true to her roots, posing while covered in feathers and evoking the imagery of a white swan.


“Churi” is 144 B5-sized pages celebrating the cheerful and quirky Takayanagi and the first 1,000 copies will include a 16-page mini-photobook, 1 of 4 different randomly selected reversible posters and a photo postcard with a message from her. Hopefully it’s not too late to take advantage of this “early bird” special?


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