Nagoya Idol Supergroup 7☆3 Get the Christmas Beach Party Started in the MV for “Age Age☆Christmas”!

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Nagoya Idol Supergroup 7☆3 Get the Christmas Beach Party Started in the MV for “Age Age☆Christmas”!

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7☆3, an all-star Nagoya supergroup made up of members from OS☆U, Candy☆Drops, Gallop+, SAKAE GIRLS, THE SPUNKY, Star☆T, delaNagoya CLEAR’S, and P.IDL NAGOYA, have decided to get ready for Santa Claus early in the MV for “Age Age☆Christmas” (release date: November 11)!

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“Age Age☆Christmas” has lyrics and music by Kohmi Hirose (a million-selling singer-songwriter known in Japan as the “Winter Queen” for her winter songs), which is why it may feel like something you have heard before. The members of 7☆3 step out of the ocean wearing Santa girl outfits and play on the beach as snow appears to fall upon their bare shoulders. “Age Age☆Christmas” will be released in 3 different versions and also include 2 other tracks: “Koi wo Shiyou!” and “HIGHWAY☆STAR”.


The members of 7☆3 are: (OS☆U) Chisei Kiyosato, Tomomi Morisaki, and Ayano Mochizuki,(Candy☆Drops) Yuuka Osaki, (Gallop+) Saki Ichijo, (SAKAE GIRLS) AMI, (THE SPUNKY) Rira, (Star☆T) Anna Hashimoto, Kana Hashimoto, (dela) Ai Akinami, Kazusa Kataoka, (Nagoya CLEAR’S) Saori Kagura, RYO, and (P.IDL NAGOYA) Mariko Nozawa. Click on their names to be directed to their individual Twitter accounts. The official sites of the groups they belong to are at the bottom of the article.


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Age Age☆Christmas (Type-A)


Age Age☆Christmas (Type-B)


Age Age☆Christmas (Type-C)

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