Feel Good All the Time! 5 Convenient Products You Can Get at Any Drug Store in Japan!

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Feel Good All the Time! 5 Convenient Products You Can Get at Any Drug Store in Japan!

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It seems Japan has invented many high-quality yet affordable beauty items that are commonly available at drug stores. The market is very competitive, therefore only unique and effective items tend to survive.

Here I will show you five popular, unique, and effective beauty items which are popular with both men and women, so please read it too boys!

1. Baby Foot

Baby Foot, like its name says,  is foot care product that will make your feet feel as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot!


According to the Baby Foot website, the product contains 17 types of natural extracts which exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. The main ingredient is fruit acid, which penetrates the layers of dead skin cells and breaks down the intercellular structures. The subsequent peeling after application occurs once the evil desmosomes are destroyed, revealing the “baby foot” softer skin below!


During the process of peeling off the product, your foot might look gross, however, it feels so gooood to peel it off! It also takes off bad smells from your feet by peeling off the dead rotten skin.



This a web commercial video for Baby Foot. In Japan, especially during summer, there are many scenes that you have to show your bare feet as we take off our shoes before entering homes. This video shows the love of being bare foot in a comical manner.

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Baby Foot website :

2. Steam Hot eye mask

Japanese people are often said to work too much, and this hot eye mask saves our lives a lot! Once you open the package, this hot eye mask heats up to around 40℃, and the steam and warmth will relax your tired eyes. The most popular brand for this type of eye mask is “Megurhythm” by KAO. The warmth lasts about 5-10 minutes to dissolve away the day’s stress.


You can choose the scent as well, Lavender, Bulgarian Rose, Camomile Ginger, Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), and more! No fragrance type is available too.


Not just an eye mask, they also sell Megurhythm for the back and stomach. Summer season is coming, but shoulder stiffness and sensitivity to cold occur during all the seasons. Improving blood circulation with it will make your life better!

Megurhythm website :

3. Sweat Wipes

…To Apply

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