Long-Awaited! 3min. Finally Releases MV for “BAD GAME” and New Artist Photo!

Long-Awaited! 3min. Finally Releases MV for “BAD GAME” and New Artist Photo!

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3min. (read : Sanmini) celebrated their 2nd anniversary and revealed the music video for “BAD GAME” on November 30th.

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They also unveiled the new costumes in the event titled “3min. Basement Live vol.3” held at PLATINUM PRODUCTION B1 on the same day. It seems that the new costumes make them look more matured!


The music expresses their group name, “3min” because their songs and MC are made within three minutes, and the sound is based on EDM. A full-scale performance and the using of EDM shows their uniqueness in idol world.

“BAD GAME” was firstly performed during their one-man live “San Minutes! 3! sun! (3 is read as “san”) Summer Live” on July 18, 2015. And also, this is the song Yoko Kita performed for the first time as a member of 3min. From that, the song has become a staple in their live performance.

The song has a strong EDM sound that is unique to 3min. Furthermore, Sako Makita (PASSPO☆) made its choreography!

3min. will hold their 2nd Anniversary One-man Live at Harajuku Astro Hall on December 24th. Save the date for their special Christmas Eve’s concert!

3min. second one-man live information
Date : December 24th
Venue : Harajuku Astro Hall
Open 19:00 / START 19:30

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