Juicy Nights Await in the Film “14 no Yoru”! Visuals of Nana Asakawa (SUPER☆GiRLS) as a Bad Girl Revealed!

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Juicy Nights Await in the Film “14 no Yoru”! Visuals of Nana Asakawa (SUPER☆GiRLS) as a Bad Girl Revealed!

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After setting the printed world ablaze with her curvy figure and baby face, Nana Asakawa of SUPER☆GiRLS will be stepping onto the silver screen with a role in the film “14 no Yoru” which opens in theaters on December 24, 2016!

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The directorial debut of award winning screenwriter Shin Adachi (100 Yen Love, Schoolgirl Complex), “14 no Yoru” shows the misadventures of a group of young boys growing up in rural Japan during the 1980s as they go on a hormone fueled quest for breasts. Nana shows off a side of her never seen before as she plays a yankii (delinquent) who rides a motor scooter, picks fights, and smokes cigarettes (or at least holds them and pretends she is because she’s not old enough to smoke). In one of the scenes from the trailer, she openly challenges the boys to come at her using very un-idol-like words.


Director Adachi had high praise for Asakawa’s acting, promising that watching “14 no Yoru” will be at least 10 times more interesting than the trailer. He added that every time Asakawa was in front of the camera, the male staff members would crowd around the monitors to watch her.


Asakawa commented that playing the role was fun for her because it’s completely different from her usual self and felt it would leave a huge impact on everyone who sees the movie.

“14 no Yoru” opens in theaters across Japan on December 24, 2016.

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