Love and Peace! The Tearful Graduation of Yuria Kizaki From AKB48!

Love and Peace! The Tearful Graduation of Yuria Kizaki From AKB48!

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Yuria Kizaki, captain of Team B, graduated from AKB48 at the AKB48 Theatre on September 30, 2017.

Having joined SKE48 as a 3rd generation member in 2009 and transferring to AKB48 in 2014, Yuria graduated at the age of 21. She was known as the “little sister” of SKE48, and gained popularity because of her charming character. After moving from SKE48 Team S to AKB48 Team 4 in 2014, she later became the sub-captain of Team 4 and eventually became the captain of Team B.  Not only as an idol, she also showed her talent as an actress by appearing frequently in dramas and movies. Now, she is moving on to her next step as an actress.

Yuria’s graduation concert started off with “Mae Shika Mukanee”, in which the song choice seemed to symbolize herself. Being surrounded by her best friends on stage, she looked very cheerful throughout the whole performance.

During the encore, Yuria appeared in a long dress of her favorite peppermint green color. Her eyes filled with tears when she came to the lyrics of “Anata Ga Ite Kuretakara” her solo that she decided to sing for her mother and father.

“Although I couldn’t stop from crying, I think it’s more like me to end with a big smile, so I will finish with a happy face!” The next moment she instantly changed from her long dress to a mini skirt, and cheerfully sang “GIVE ME FIVE!”.

Yuria discussed her plans after graduating, “I had more opportunity to do acting after moving to AKB48, and realized how much I loved to act. From now on, I would like to pursue my career as an actress until I die”.


Though it may be heart-breaking for Yuria fans for not being able to see her on stage anymore, there will probably be more opportunities to find her on TV and movie screens, so keep an eye on her!

Set List

00 Overture
01 Mae Shika Mukanee
02 Only today
03 365-nichi no Kamihikouki
04 End ROll
05 Gyakuten Oujisama
06 Scandalous ni Ikou!
07 Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa
08 Omoide no Hotondo
09 Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?
10 Green Flash
11 Eien Yori Tsuzuku you ni
12 10-nen Zakura

E1 Anata ga Itekuretara

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