Tomomi Itano Will Make You Sweat in her Pulse-Pounding MV for “OMG”!

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Tomomi Itano Will Make You Sweat in her Pulse-Pounding MV for “OMG”!

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Tomomi Itano outdoes herself in the unforgettable MV for “OMG” from her 2nd album “Get Ready” (release date: November 2)!

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In the MV directed by tatsuaki Tomomi Itano takes things to an all new level as she romps around in a rose-tinted gym surrounded by lightly dressed anonymous males. Of course there are also some dance scenes which you will probably never forget for as long as you live. You may need a few quiet moments to reflect on what you have seen after viewing? The full version of the MV, which is only 30 seconds longer than the short version, is a Japan-only exclusive on Gyao.

“Get Ready” will be released in 3 versions: Type-A CD/DVD version, Type-B photobook version, and a CD regular version. The DVD includes the MVs for “COME PARTY!”, “OMG”, “Gimme Gimme Luv”, and “HIDE & SEEK”. Details on the photobook have yet to be released but, based on the songs and MVs on the album, is it too much to hope that it’s just as hot? The DVD/Blu-ray for Tomomi Itano Asia Tour 2016 [OOO] will be released on November 23rd also.

Track List

02 OMG
03 You Should Try HARDer
04 Belly Dancer
05 Triple “0”
06 Gimme Gimme Luv
08 Watashi no ONLY ONE
09 I AM
10 One Last Kiss

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Tomomi Itano Asia Tour 2016 [OOO] Live Blu-ray / Tomomi Itano
Tomomi Itano Asia Tour 2016 [OOO] Live DVD / Tomomi Itano

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