Tokyo Cheer2 Party Reveals MV for “Susume! Fresh Man”

Tokyo Cheer2 Party Reveals MV for “Susume! Fresh Man”

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Tokyo Cheer2 Party has revealed the MV for their 3rd single “Susume! Fresh Man” that is slated for release on April 9.
In Japanese, Susume! means “Go for it!” and Fresh Man means “new employees fresh out of college.” This song is the perfect cheering song for new members of society who will start working in April.

In this new MV, 4th generation members (Rei Kawashima, Saki Inoue, Ruriko Dokou, and Aika Motokawa) makes appearance for the first time since they joined the group in October, 2013.
In addition, Tokyo Cheer2 Party is now recruiting 5th generation members. The application period is until April 15.
The finalist will be unveiled at their one-man concert to be held at Nippon Seinenkan on May 6th.

Check out the new MV below!

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