TGU GIVE AWAY: “Tokyo Rad Girls” Box and “Super Cool Awesome Tokyo Now” Box For 4 Readers!

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TGU GIVE AWAY: “Tokyo Rad Girls” Box and “Super Cool Awesome Tokyo  Now” Box For 4 Readers!

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We’re giving away “mystery boxes” packed with various items trending in the streets of Tokyo now (“Tokyo Rad Girls” Box), as well as some stuff you would probably never buy for yourself (“Super Cool Awesome Tokyo Now” Box). Four lucky readers will be able to win either the “Super Cool Awesome Tokyo Now” Box or the “Tokyo Rad Girls” Box, so apply now!

Even though we referred to them as “mystery boxes”, we’ll let you know what’s inside the boxes anyway!

A: “Tokyo Rad Girls” Box 

For the “Tokyo Rad Girls” Box, Saaya chose items representing Tokyo Rad Girls!  Saaya is fan of Lolita fashion, so the items are a little bit cute!



1-Pink loose socks
Loose socks are known as one of the symbols synonymous with “Gyaru” especially in 2000s, but recently there’s been a revival among fashionable girls in Shibuya and Harajuku.

2-Candy Doll blush
From the brand produced by charismatic “Gyaru” model Tsubasa Masukawa, this blush is perfect for creating that dolly “byoujaku” look with its bright pink hue. Even the packaging is cute! Coincidentally, Saaya is wearing it right now!
3-Diamond Lush false eyelashes “Wink Eye”
Diamond Lush, the super popular brand of false eyelashes among “Gyaru”! It has more lashes on the outer edges to make Asian eyes look rounder and more doll-like, making faces look cuter!

4-Heart-shaped hand mirror
“It’s not that practical but it’s soo cute!” was the only reason for this item to be chosen. Coincidentally, it looks like our favorite “Makai idol” (makai translates to “hell” or “world of spirits”) the 19,000-year old Shiina Pikarin was behind this devilishly cute mirror.

5-Furry earrings
An item that became really popular this winter was furry earrings. The size of things is important to Saaya so she thought that these ones were the cutest. For those who don’t have pierces ears, we also have clip-ons available.

6-Lolita fashion headdress
This is a must have item for Lolita fashion and the easiest way to enter that magical world! Saaya picked out a cute light blue and white one. Never grow up!  We deeply apologize not taking picture Saaya wearing it…forgot to take it!!! So sorry!!!  The design is slightly different, but it looks like the one she wearing in the picture from the below.

B : “Super Cool Awesome Tokyo Now” Box

For the “Super Cool Awesome Tokyo Now” Box, TGU editors picked up especially crazy stuff selling at Japan’s popular variety stores such as Tokyu Hands and Village Vanguard.

1- Tobidase! Osushi
“The sushi is flying out!” is something that we have no idea why it exists but we can’t help liking such ridiculous items! Here is a video of us trying to see how it works. The sushi rice got packed pretty well!  However, we dare to say, that the catch copy for the product “The sushi is flying out!”is totally exaggeration!!

Contributor Wanted!!

The “Kabuki Face Pack” that became a hot topic in Japan when it first came out. You’ll want to strike a dramatic pose just like a Kabuki actor when you put it on! In fact, famous Kabuki actor Somegoro Ichikawa the 7th went out of his way to ensure the authenticity of this particular product! At the very least, you should get a lot of good reactions from any selfies you take with this on, no?

3-Niku Towel (Towel looks like a slice of beef)
How is this for making a statement? The contents are just a regular towel though. If you use it for taking a bath, maybe it will feel like you’re shabu shabu?

4-Sushi Eraser
Sorry for including another sushi-related product but, doesn’t everyone love sushi? Even though it’s not something people really eat everyday, with the sushi eraser you can enjoy it everyday (please do not eat the eraser)!

5-Cup no Fuchiko-san (regular Navy version and special limited Hello Kitty collab version)
An objet d’art meant to be placed on the edge of cups, it’s “Cup no Fuchiko-san”! The sometimes comical, sometimes daring, always cute Fuchiko-san who became one of the unlikely idols of Japan, can also be yours! One fuchiko-san is in one box randomly, so have fun opening the package!
img-tokyo-box-present-campaign-05 img-tokyo-box-present-campaign-03
Whichever box you pick, we have spared no effort to select these items! Depending on how popular this is, we might consider making it a regular giveaway (of course the items will probably change)!

Apply here!

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