Basic Rules for Enjoying Tokyo Idol Festival Part1 : Be an Excellent Otaku

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Basic Rules for Enjoying Tokyo Idol Festival  Part1 : Be an Excellent Otaku

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Finally, Tokyo Idol Festival returns again to Odaiba on August 1st and 2nd. Tokyo Idol Festival, a.k.a. TIF, is the world’s biggest idol festival where idol fans (otaku) come from all over the world. In 2014, there were 138 idol groups and over 41,000 fans. Seeing the popularity of overseas Japanese events like JAPAN EXPO 2015, it is likely that even more otaku will come to TIF. I am very looking forward to seeing you there and giving a shout with you like “Yossha Ikuzoooooooooo!!!!”


Up Up Girls at Sky Stage

There are certainly some rules that you must observe at TIF. Some rules have been officially announced but there actually exist implicit rules that every good otaku must observe. Many of the performances will be televised so, if there are any incidents during a performance, Fuji TV may not broadcast it, which will cost the group a valuable chance at getting more exposure. Please understand these rules and enjoy TIF or you are going to be exposed as a pinchike (otaku with a bad manners)!


Basic rules for enjoying Tokyo Idol Festival
・Moshing, stage diving, jumping, and lifting are forbidden. It is dangerous and likely to hurt others and if some people go too far, the performance may be interrupted, or in worst case, cancelled. Even if these kinds of things are allowed at a group’s usual performances, this is not the same.

・Drinking alcohol and getting naked are strictly prohibited. If such behavior is discovered, the list band would be forfeited. There will be many other things happening at Odaiba that weekend and there will be families with young children and elderly there. If you shame yourself, you also shame your oshi.

・Taking photographs and taking video is also prohibited. No selfie sticks! They may be usually allowed in events like JAPAN EXPO but in TIF they are not. Instead, you can take a photo with an idol if you have a chance at the greeting area and it would be a great experience. This depends on what kind of events the idol is having at the Greeting Area.

・You can easily come across idols moving from one stage to another. It is okay to wave or say hello as they pass by but, don’t take photographs or try to touch them since when they leave the stage, they are just a girl, not an idol.

I hope to see you there and let’s shout “JyaaaaaaaaaaJyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!”

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