TIF 2014, World Biggest Idol Festival to be held in August, Tokyo

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TIF 2014, World Biggest Idol Festival to be held in August, Tokyo

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The date for the World Biggest Idol Festival has been decided on April 7. “Tokyo Idol Festival 2014” will be held on August 2 (SAT) and 3 (SUN), in Odaiba・Aomi area, Tokyo.

Here’s idols already announced its appearance:
idoling!!!, idoling NEO, Idol College, i☆Ris, UPUPGIRLS (KARI), Afilia Saga, Wheather Girls, Ultragirl, AeLL, Victory, X21, ORANCHE, You Kikkawa, Mai Kotone, Sakura Gakuin, THE POSSIBOOOOO, Sanmyu~, JK21, Starmarie, Seisyun! Tropical-maru, Sexy☆Allstars, Narumi Takiguchi with Control-S, Dream5, Doll☆Elements, Dorothy Little Happy, Negaigoto, Negicco, PASSPO☆, Pazzle Girls, palet, POWER SPOT, Fudanjuku, predia, Maria, Lovely☆DOLL, LinQ, Linda3, and 100+ more idols to be announced.

PASSPO☆ at Hot Stage in TIF 2013

PASSPO☆ at Hot Stage in TIF 2013

111 idols and 30,300 people gathered last year. The TIF authority aims to increase the number of worthy projects for TIF, which will be 5th this year. The executive Producer Takashi Kanbara has commented as follows.
“We’ll try to achieve its continued evolution as the world largest idol fes. Unlike many fes, TIF will deliver a lot of best stages you can experience only here.
We’ll have some plans you’ve never heard of. Those events will be very fun, please come, see, and feel TIF 2014. You are always welcomed.”

TIF 2014 also aims for “worldwide FES”, putting out various information on the Internet, and welcoming overseas fans. A collaboration project with Fuji Television Network, Inc. will also be carried out.

Moreover, a pre-event will be held at TSUTAYA O-EAST, on May 2, which will be 92 days prior to TIF 2014. Pre-event “Kotoshi no Natsu mo Odaiba ga Atsui! Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 92 days pre-party” is going to have idoling!!!, idoling NEO, UPUPGIRLS (KARI), X21, Doll☆Elements, Dorothy Little Happy, and more.

Check more details on the TIF 2014 Official site:

written by Yuji Hara

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