STARMARIE to Sing Ending Theme Song for TV Anime “Card Fight!! Vanguard G”

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STARMARIE to Sing Ending Theme Song for TV Anime “Card Fight!! Vanguard G”

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It is announced that idol group STARMARIE to sing“Mekurumeku Yuuki!” ending theme song for anime Card Fight!! Vanguard G, the fight song for Vanguard Fighters. Card Fight!! Vanguard G is slated for 37 episodes beginning July 19th, while the single CD will be released on August 19th.

Throughout the seven years since their formation, STARMARIE’s Japan-based fans have begged for the girls to sing the theme song for an anime series. STARMARIE says of the Card Fight!! Vanguard G tie-in, “This is a huge chance for STARMARIE. We’re going to sing the best we can to bring a lot of energy to Vanguard!”


“Mekurumeku Yuuki” will be released with four different album covers. The first cover is an anime illustration designed exclusively for “Mekurumeku Yuuki”. Additionally, the CDs contain freebie Card Fight!! Vanguard PR cards (one per cover variety for all four album cover designs) and include Card Fight!! Vanguard Wakusei Taisen Item Code (valid through November 30, 2015).

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Mekurumeku Yuuki Type-A

Mekurumeku Yuuki Type-B 

Mekurumeku Yuuki Type-C

Mekurumeku Yuuki -Anime version

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