What an adorable MV ever! Shiina Pikarin Reveals the MV for “Real Ria-ju”
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A makai-girl artist who is ill with ultimate teenage delusion sickness, Shiina Pikarin, will be releasing her first-ever mini album “Shikkoku no Yami ni Somarishi Utagoe ga Kisama nimo Kikoeruka…” onMay 21.

This will be a work like Pikarin’s manual book, and it will feature 8 tracks that is filled with her originality. The album will be full of Moe-Pop songs, including a brand new song “Real Ria-ju” that is a song only Pikarin, who is a fanatic of Otome Games, is capable of singing, besides that, an enlightenment song for Twin-Tail, a song in which Pikarin herself plays an English flute, and also past singles.

Now, the MV for “Real Ria-ju” has been available via You Tube. It’s so adorable!

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Pikarin’s iconic individuality makes her own popularity increasing more and more today. Her charismatic charms will be exposed in the brand new album. We are really looking forward to the release!

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