Morning Musume.15′ Riho Sayashi Announces Graduation from the Group on December 31st
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It is announced that Riho Sayashi will graduate Morning Musume.15′ on December 31st, 2015.

She is the 9th generation member and made her CD debut with “Maji Desu ka Suka!” in 2011. About reason of her graduation, the official announcement says that it is to concentrate more on her skill up on her dance in another way. On the 9th generation members’ blog, she says she wants to study study English and dance abroad.

She leaves Morning Musume. but she will still remain Hello! Project after the graduation, according to the official website. Her blog also says that she wants to “come back” (not clear where it is though) after her study abroad.

Although it’s too sudden and shocking announcement, but it is fully understandable because she is still seventeen. It must be exciting if she comes back with more skills and experience, isn’t it?

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