Rev.from DVL and Calpis Launch Special Vietnam Exclusive Unit Rev.for TEENZ!

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Rev.from DVL and Calpis Launch Special Vietnam Exclusive Unit Rev.for TEENZ!

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Rev.for TEENZ, a special Vietnam exclusive unit made up of Miho Akiyama, Nagisa Shinomiya, Yukina Hashimoto, Airi Ikematsu from Rev.from DVL, have just revealed the MV for “ngọt mà chua chua mà ngọt” (Sweet & Sour)! It is the commercial song for Calpis Vietnam’s newest product TEENZ.

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The MV for “ngọt mà chua chua mà ngọt” was filmed entirely in Vietnam and costars several local students who dance through the halls of a school with the members of Rev.for TEENZ. The song, which features lyrics in Japanese, Vietnamese, and English, is motivating and upbeat, which shows in the scenes where Miho, Nagi, Yukina, and Airi encourage a dancer and a math student to keep trying their best despite past failures. Just like Calpis, life is both sweet and sour. The highlight might have to be the scene where Miho and Nagisa fly through the air to high five, which is followed by Rev.for TEENZ dancing on a stage in the middle of a sports field while a big group of students dances along with them. The commercials for TEENZ will begin broadcasting in Vietnam starting in May.

Additional link on Rev.from DVL YouTube channel

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