TOYOTA×STUDIO4℃ “PES” in AFA 2013 Singapore Ends in Great Success!

TOYOTA×STUDIO4℃ “PES” in AFA 2013 Singapore Ends in Great Success!

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TOYOTA X STUDIO4C Presents “PES (Peace Eco Smile)” in Anime Festival Asia 2013 Singapore

 “Environmental Integration” :  Power to Dream Powers Future


Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing Corporation (TMSM) exhibited “PES (Peace Eco Smile)”, a collaborative animation project with STUDIO4C at Anime Festival Asia (AFA), the region’s biggest festival for japanese pop culture which was held on 8 -10 November in Singapore.

Through experiencing and sharing anime, music and entertainment spaces, the PES project aims for the realization of a sustainable society by organically conveying ideas about people, society and nature coexisting, as well as global environment conservation, energy issues and ecology, and portraying dreams together. Expressing dreams through animation and pictures supports creativity and makes the future. We believe that by exerting the potential of Japan’s animation technology and collecting the imagination of children around the world, we can depict a future where we can evolve together. In this way, based on our “PES Next Generation” concept, we are producing anime with up-and-coming directors, as well as using music and other content, and collaborating with a range of places, things and people.

In 2013, beginning with “Tokyo International Anime Fair”, PES has been active in music concerts and other stage events around the world, including “Japan Expo” in France and “J-pop Summit” in San Francisco.

In AFA2013, in addition to the PES exhibits and games, our events featured video exhibits of the “Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, ” interactive experiences with the smartphone game app “PLUG-IN Championship, ”and AOP (Anime O-en Project) concerts, all getting in touch with the people in Asia who love Japanese pop culture so they could fully enjoy the world of PES.

Through this global expansion, PES aspires to transcend differences in languages or values, and have our message permeate further and further out into the world.

(c) Getty Images for TOYOTA

A main part of PES booth exhibits was the key visual drawn by Tatsuyuki Tanaka (animation director) for “Toruru’s Adventure,” the PES Next Generation’s animation film currently in production.

(c) Getty Images for TOYOTA

The PES booth hosted number of activities throughout the event, including AOP autograph sessions and mini games, NaSuBi ball target game and others.

AOP (Anime O-en Project), a girls’ band  who came to AFA to cheer for the PES booth, held talks and live performances at AFA mini stage on 8 and 10 Nov, being filled with excitement.

AOP official website:

Video Report:

Check also “PES NEXT GENERATION” Music Clips:
– “My line” by Sweety / Director: Hidekazu Ohara
– “Koshin” by Akaiko-en / Director: Tatsuyuki Tanaka
– “LONELY FLOWER” by Una / Director: Yuta Sano
– “FORTUNE FUTURE!” by petit milady / Director: Yusuke Tannawa

Japan in Motion (English Subtitled)

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