palet To Have New Member!!!  Welcoming Ceremony To Be Held On June 8!!!
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A 6 girls idol unit, palet, who won 6th place in Oricon single weekly ranking dated of the 5th of May, held an event at the open-air stage of Yoyogi Park, Tokyo on May 8.

Expressing their gratitude for fans’ support, palet started the event with songs of their early days, “Shouri no Seal”, “Fly Away”, and “Pinku no Heart no Kumo”. In a “mentally-linked” atomospher, the major debut single “Believe in Yourself!” and the latest one “Keep on Lovin’ You” were delivered. The live that palet brought all of what they’ve got received hearty praise from the audience.

In the end of the event, they announced that palet will premiere a new song with a whole new constume in their 2nd anniversary live at Shinjuku BLAZE, Tokyo, on June 8. But, that’s not the end of the story, palet dropped the bombshell. The captain of palet, Yuichi, announced that a new member will join the group from the anniversary live.

However, Yuichi and the members looked as if they have already fixed their determinations. It was the moment that the audience instinctively knew this is a positive declaration of evolution.

In addition to the existing fans, the new member obviously will get new audience to come to the anniversary live.
palet seems that they are trying to breakthrough to go to a next level. Will the new member be talented enough to take palet to a new level? Or she will support the current members from below. Now may be the best time to be a fan of them.

palet 2nd Anniversary Live

Date : June, 8
Venue : Shinjuku BLAZE
OPEN / 18:00 START / 18:30

palet 1st LIVE TOUR 2014~Believe in Your VICTORY~

Date : August, 21
Venue : Abeno RockTown
1st stage : Open / 13:30 Start / 14:00
2nd stage : Open / 18:30 Start / 19:00

Date : August, 23
Venue : Nagoya M.I.D.
1st stage : Open / 12:30 Start / 13:00
2nd stage : Open / 17:30 Start / 18:00

Date : August, 27
Venue : Tokyo TSUTAYA O-WEST
1st stage : Open / 13:30 Start / 14:00
2nd stage : Open / 18:30 Start / 19:00

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written by Yuji Hara

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