Nana Tanimura Releases Sexy Photo Books “7”

Nana Tanimura Releases Sexy Photo Books “7”

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It has been announced that a singer Nana Tanimura hold a release event for her 3rd photo book “7” at Fukuya Syoten Shinjuku Subnerd.

All the photos are taken in Hawaii, and she commented “I think I could show just as I am in photos compared to past works, because Hawaiian Mother Nature made me to express myself natural.” Regarding sexy photos with white bikini, she added, “I was a little bit nervous before the photo shoot, but Hawaii’s power made me relaxed.”

After the talk, she held hand-shaking event after 3 years, and enjoyed communicating with 500 fans.







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Tanimura Nana Shashinshu (Photo Book) "7" / Kouki Nishida

Tanimura Nana Shashinshu (Photo Book) “7”

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