Not a Delusion! Moso Calibration Coming to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2017!

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Not a Delusion! Moso Calibration Coming to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2017!

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Moso Calibration are coming to HYPER JAPAN Festival, the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, cuisine and entertainment, this July 14-16, 2017!

Following in the footsteps of their Dear Stage “senpai”, Moso Calibration will be heading over to London to share Akihabara culture! What’s more is that copies of “GREATEST HITS WORLD ∞ SELECTION”, their exclusive overseas album will be available for purchase at HYPER JAPAN Festival, weeks before its official release on August 4th from JPU Records.

Making a name for themselves in the indies idol scene with their eclectic mix of sounds and with the support of their fans known as “Moso-zoku” (Moso tribe), Moso Calibration were signed to Sony Music Records in early 2016 and have been pursuing a new sound dubbed “Moso EDM” with the help of well known creators such as Yuyoyuppe (aka DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING), contributor to several BABYMETAL songs.img_Moso_Calibration_20170804

“GREATEST HITS WORLD ∞ SELECTION” contains Moso Calibration’s singles and some of their coupling songs since they have moved to Sony Music Records as well as the instrumentals for them and a song which has never been released in Japan.

Track List

01 Chi chin pui pui♪
02 Unbalance Umbrella
03 Irony
04 Bang Bang No.1
05 Gaki yaba ∞ bokka-n!!
06 Sakurairo diary
07 Seishun prologue

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