MM,’14 Members Reveals Their Old Age, 60 Years From Now

MM,’14 Members Reveals Their Old Age, 60 Years From Now

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The official site of MORIMUSU powered by au, updated a special movie.
The members of Morning Musume.’14 are interviewed about what they will do after 60 years in the special movie.
Check what your favorite member revealed!!

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Ayumi Ishida
Morning Musume will have a futuristic concert. There will be members who fly, and make a backflip easily.

Haruka Kudo
Ee~ what am I gonna do? What I wanna be? I see, I love to swim, but I’m here because I found a new dream, what I wanna do more than swimming, so I want my grandchildren to find their dream, and make it come true.

Masaki Sato
Well, 60 years later, I’m living in a silent forest, having a lot of dogs. I will wake up at 6 every morning, go for a walk with the dogs, go to Shibuya, stop by our production company while looking back my youth, and go home.

Sakura Oda
Our lives will be easier than now, we’ll have housemaid robots, things like that.
However, I won’t count on those. I’d like to be a person who makes life on my own.

Kanon Suzuki
I will arrive at a world that I don’t make any mistakes in any shows. I will challenge everything, even things human beings don’t try. After I achieve things like that, I will live an unhurried life, drinking a cup of tea at a veranda.

Sayumi Michishige
I want to be pampered, said by everyone that I am cute I am cute. The other one is, I will proudly tell kids in a neighborhood that I was the member of Morning Musume.

Erina Ikuta
Hai! After 60 years Erina will be a pro golfer. My score went down at that time, but I want to finish the whole holes at under par.

Mizuki Fukumura
I think all means of communication and transportation will be cheaper than now, so I want to be a grandma who actively goes all over town.

Haruna Iikubo
I will be a self-employed business owner of a manga cafe. When I have a grandchild, I want to live in a double-family home with an elevator.

Riho Sayashi
Since I love calligraphy, I want to write a song/poem, then publish a book. If the book won a big market, I would enjoy a life of luxury in a foreign country.

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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