Fetish Photographer Yuki Aoyama Explores the World of Schoolgirls with Miss iD Winners at New Exhibition

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Fetish Photographer Yuki Aoyama Explores the World of Schoolgirls with Miss iD Winners at New Exhibition

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If you’re an avid reader of Tokyo Girls’ Update, you might have seen the name Miss iD appear in many of our previous articles.

More than a few of the idols and models we’ve featured, such as Tina Tamashiro, Jun Aonami, and two of the members of Maison Book Girl (Yagawa Aoi and Yui Inoue), have welcomed huge boosts in their careers after being selected for the Kodansha-sponsored Miss iD Grand Prix contest.

 Tina Tamashiro

Tina Tamashiro


Jun Aonami

But what exactly does Miss iD have to do with the idol world and why do so many of their contestants and winners go on to do bigger and better things? The answer might possibly have to do with the premise of the Miss iD contest auditions themselves, which strive to find “new types of girls” according to the Miss iD official web site.

I think we can all agree that girls like Tina Tamashiro and Jun Aonami have an otherworldly quality to them that adds a certain freshness to the current Japanese talent scene, and Miss iD appears dedicated to bringing similar talents like them to the forefront of the industry to represent Japan’s newest generation.

Therefore it may come as no surprise that Miss iD and contestants of the Miss iD 2015 contest are collaborating with popular modern fetishism artist and photographer Yuki Aoyama for a photo book release this month on June 19th, entitled Sayonara, Youthful Days. (Goodbye, Youthful Days)

miss-id-yuki-aoyama-photobook-07 miss-id-yuki-aoyama-photobook-06 miss-id-yuki-aoyama-photobook-10

Other previous work by Aoyama includes Solaryman, depicting fathers in business suits reaching for the sky next to their doll-like daughters, as well as Schoolgirl Complex, which takes a playful yet intimate look rarely seen by school girls in uniform.

miss-id-yuki-aoyama-photobook-05 miss-id-yuki-aoyama-photobook-09 miss-id-yuki-aoyama-photobook-08

The upcoming release of Sayonara, Youthful Days will be accompanied by the Sayonara, Youthful Days -Miss iD x Yuki Aoyama Photography Exhibit- at the TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO located in Asakusa, Tokyo, which will run from June 21 – June 28, 2015. Over 400 shots will be on display, including those from the soon to be released photo book, as well as those yet to be published.

miss-id-yuki-aoyama-photobook-02 miss-id-yuki-aoyama-photobook-01

Idol fans and fetishists alike are sure to enjoy this exclusive peek at some of Japan’s new and upcoming idols, models, and talents as part of this intriguing exhibit.

Exhibit Name: Sayonara, Youthful Days -Miss iD x Yuki Aoyama Photography Exhibit-
Period: June 21th (Sun.) – June 28th (Sun.), 2015
5-27-6 5F, Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053
Entry Fee: 500 yen
Sponsor: Kabushiki Gaisha BACON

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