The first reveal of Artist Visual for the New Single “GOUNN” in this year, from Momoclo!!

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The first reveal of Artist Visual for the New Single “GOUNN” in this year, from Momoclo!!

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On its special web site, Momoiro Clover Z announced the title and artist visual of its new single which is going to be released on November 6th.
Revealed title of the new single is “GOUNN”, and it’s been about 1 year since the release of the last single “Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachi Yo”, which was also performed at the 63rd NHK Red and White Singing Contest (the 63rd NHK Kohaku Utagassen). Strong-impact visual with five-colored members, which is different from that of “5th Dimension”, and mysterious title are revealed at the special website for this new single.


The special website for “GOUNN” burst on the special website for “5th Dimension”. “GOUNN” would be the successive work of the 2nd full album “5th Dimension” with the theme of Evolution. Information revealed future will clarify the whole picture of this new single. You can access the special website for “GOUNN” from the link on the official homepage of Momoiro Clover Z, or from the special website for “5th Dimension”.

They start their nationwide tour by the first performance in Wakayama at 28th September. The title of the tour is “Momoiro Clover Z Japan Tour 2013 ‘GOUNN’”, which has the same title of the new single.

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The special website for “5th Dimension”:

Written by nori.

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nori: is a fan of Ayaka Sasaki (A-rin) of Momoiro Clover Z since the first glance of her IDOL performance on YouTube in 2011. Hoping to be of some help them in becoming world-famous group, and world-famous "A-rin"!

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