The Future of School Girls’ Fashion is Robots? Kyunkun Unveils New Wearable Robot “METCALF clione”

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The Future of School Girls’ Fashion is Robots? Kyunkun Unveils New Wearable Robot “METCALF clione”

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On March 25, the robotics fashion creator, Kyunkun, revealed her new self-made wearable robot “METCALF clione”.


Along with the release of METCALF clione, a short promotion movie directed by suzkikenta has unveiled. Two high school girls appear in the video ; one is wearing “METCALF clione”, and the other is going to school with “METCALF”. (Read our interview with Kyunkun about METCALF here.)

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The latter one was previously presented at the SXSW festival in Texas, and after that Kyunkun has been continuing to gather greater attention all over the world. The title of the song is “Farmers Market” by Tomggg (Maltine Records), and the PV illustrates a future where the METCALF series are worn casually. Uchu Imagawa and Riko Konoe are acting as high school students wearing a METCALF.

There are three notable points that are making METCALF clione more attractive.


  1. Significant weight reduction
    A large weight reduction was made possible by using plastic for the outer part. It only weighs 1.5 kg, almost half the weight of the earlier version of “METCALF”!
  2. Graphic print
    In collaboration with the graphic designer Rei Nakanishi, a design was printed out on the exterior plastic part.
  3. Operation possible via smart phone
    “METCALF clione” can be freely controlled via smart phone or computer. This is the first wearable robot by Kyunkun that can be controlled through a smartphone application.


“METCALF clione” is planned to be exhibited in the International media-art event “Bains numeriques” , which will be held at France in June 2016. It seems it doesn’t take much time to witness the world where people wearing robot as fashion.

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