Kamiyado Make Ikebukuro Sunshine City Debut With Album Release Events!

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Kamiyado Make Ikebukuro Sunshine City Debut With Album Release Events!

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Kamiyado celebrated the nationwide release of their first album “Harajuku Hatsu! KAMIYADO desu.” and second album “Harajuku! Chaku! KAMIYADO desu.” (release date: November 14) by taking the stage at the Fountain Square of Ikebukuro Sunshine City on November 17th!


With their second nationwide tour Kamiyado Zenkoku Tour 2017-2018 ~Hajimemashite! Kamiyado Desu.~ having begun at Osaka STAR BOX on November 11th, the quintet from Harajuku were back in Tokyo and taking on the legendary event space in Ikebukuro for the first time. Pointing up towards the vast unseen starry sky above, Kamiyado opened the performance with “Hoshizora Kaeri Michi”, as their fans watched on even from the 2nd and 3rd floor balconies of Sunshine City.


Stopping to greet the audience and introduce themselves, Mei Hashima took a moment to share her thoughts and feelings on the release of the 2 albums and the start of the tour.

“Alongside the sale of our albums, we began our nationwide tour in Osaka as well. Even though this is our second nationwide tour, the scenery is different. The name of the tour is “Kamiyado Zenkoku Tour 2017-2018 ~Hajimemashite! Kamiyado Desu.~” and there are 2 reasons for that. First is for all the people seeing Kamiyado for the first time and second is for thoe who haven’t seen us in a while. It’s to show the newly evolved Kamiyado to them as if it’s the first time. And to the people who always come to see us, we had a live yesterday, we’re having one today, and we have one tomorrow but, who we are today is different than who we were yesterday. Today we have evolved past who we were yesterday. Even to everyone who always comes to see us, we want to always show you a new more developed Kamiyado.”

The live continued on with “Nikushimi toiu Na no Okurimono wa Agenai”, “Action!”, “Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger”, finishing with “Summer Dream” for a mix of the material from both albums. Hina Koyama closed out the mini-live by saying, “We have just released these 2 albums and begun the biggest tour in our history. Just as the title says, we will be going to a lot of places for the first time so please listen to the albums and by all means, come to see us!”

Kamiyado Zenkoku Tour 2017-2018 ~Hajimemashite! Kamiyado Desu.~ continues into 2018, with the finale taking place over 2 days at Shibuya WWW X on May 2nd and 3rd. Be sure to check the Kamiyado official site and Twitter to stay updated!

Photos by Yasuhiro Okada

Set List

01 Hoshizora Kaeri Michi
02 Nikushimi toiu Na no Okurimono wa Agenai
03 Action!
04 Harajuku Sentai! KAMIYADO Ranger
05 Summer Dream

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Harajuku Hatsu! Kamiyado desu. / Kamiyado
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