TsuriBit Ayu Konishi in IDOL GRAPHICS

TsuriBit Ayu Konishi in IDOL GRAPHICS

©ayaco nakamura

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“IDOL GRAPHICS” is a project drawing illustration of idol’s photography in a unique way by artist ayaco nakamura. Ayu Konishi from TsuriBit is featured in this exciting project here!


A lot of fish are featured in the painting to represent the group’s concept “fishing”. How do you like it?

ayaco nakamura profile
An artist born in 1979, in Saitama prefecture. Exhibiting her works especially photography and illustration both inside and out Japan. Her main works are ; photo book “Silence” (LibroArte/2011), “Shiome” (Pot publising/2011), a series of regular illustration exhibition “USAL YMAN” held at BEAMS B Gallery, and more. She launched a publisher “Nagisa Publishing” in Kawaoge to work with the local writers. Her favorite is ice cream. She’s good at talented artists on internet.
Official website :

Ayu Konishi
A member of fishing idol group “TsuriBit”. Her member color is green and she is eager to fish “sweetfish” (Ayu in Japanese).

Ayu Konishi Twitter
TsuriBit official site :


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