Leaders & Captain of H!P Group Comment on H!P Hina FES 2014 ~Full Course~

Leaders & Captain of H!P Group Comment on H!P Hina FES 2014 ~Full Course~

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On March 29 and 30, Hello! Project is going to hold a festival of Spring, “Hello! Project Hina FES 2014 ~ Full Course ~” in Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa. Total 33 idols five groups are going to appear in the festival.

As the subtitle suggests, this time all groups will show off their songs in full-length.

Also, the members will sing solo were previously selected in the drawing meeting. They are Haruka Kudo (Morning Musume.’14), Saki Shimizu (Berryz Kobo), Chisato Okai, Airi Suzuki (ºC-ute), Kanon Fukuda, Akari Takeuchi, Rina Katsuta, and Meimi Tamura (S/mileage).

In addition, the group which will be featured as the “main dish” in each show, is going to have extended appearance time compared to the other groups.

Leaders and captain commented as follows:

Sayumi Michishige (MM.’14)
Hina FES is finally approaching! As we sing songs in full-length, I am looking forward very much to show off a second part of songs which we usually don’t perform. MM.’14 will serve as the first main dish on the first day! Let’s make fun memories of Hina FES with the H!P members again this year!!”

Saki Shimizu (Berryz Kobo)
Hina FES last year was held on March 3, it was the day of our 9th anniversary as well. I thank you very much again for holding such a nice big birthday celebration. It will be the festival after our 10th anniversary. We’d like to show off what we’ve got through the decade. Fans of us and H!P, let’s make a wonderful day together!!

Maimi Yajima (ºC-ute)
“I am so happy and looking forward to hold a live in a large place like Pacifico Yokohama, again!
From ºC-ute, Airi and Chisato will sing solo. Also ºC-ute is going to perform our old songs which we haven’t done in recent days as hard as we can! We’ll wait for your coming while having a feeling that ºC-ute can’t lose to any group. Let’s bring it with the soul of ºC-ute!”

Ayaka Wada (S/mileage)
“Because half of the members to sing solo are from us, we’ll dye the venue in our color. Also, we’ll sing this and that, which you’ll never predict. Come see S/mileage’s smile!Please!”

Yuka Miyazaki (Juice=Juice)
“We showed off our first song in Hina Fes last year. Please come see us and how much we’ve advanced in a year!”

March 29 (SAT) OPEN 10:30 (JST) / START 11:30 Main dish: Morning Musume.’14
March 29 (SAT) OPEN 17:00 (JST) / START 18:00 Main dish: S/mileage & Juice=Juice
March 30 (SUN) OPEN 10:00 (JST) / START 11:00 Main dish: ºC-ute
March 30 (SUN) OPEN 15:30 (JST) / START 16:30 Main dish: Berryz Kobo

Venue: Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall A/ Hall B (Yokohama)
The ticket will be available on March 3

Stay tuned for the follow up information!!

written by Yuji Hara

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