Trick or Tweet! A Cute and Scary Halloween 2015 Photo Collection From Social Media!

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Trick or Tweet! A Cute and Scary Halloween 2015 Photo Collection From Social Media!

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Halloween continues to get bigger and bigger with each passing year in Japan with celebrations running for almost the entire month of October (possibly longer if you count Disney’s Halloween events too). From concerts and parades to just walking around Shibuya or Roppongi in costumes on October 31st, there is no shortage of incredible costumes to be seen. However, because there is so much, especially in a land that is famous for cosplay, here is just a small handful of cute Halloween costumes we found on the Internet. Obviously there was no way that we could have gotten every single picture by every single idol/artist so feel free to let us know what we missed so we can add them in!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as David Bowie from her October 30, 2015 appearance on Music Station. She also transformed into Betty Boop as shown in the article below.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Transforms Into Betty Boop and Performs Continuous Shows with Her First Halloween Song!



NMB48 & Moso Calibration. For more Halloween photos, check the article below.

Trick or Cute?, Bandjanaimon! and LADYBABY Appear in Halloween Costume!

Bandjanaimon! For more photos, check out the article in the link below or the one in the previous section above.

Trick or Sweet!Ready for Halloween?Band Janaimon! Modeling For New Collection of Halloween Costumes!

Rev from DVL


Silent Siren


Country Girls


Luce Twinkle Wink☆






Shoko Hamada and friends

Houpuri Youth



PASSPO☆. See them dressed up as the Avengers (and John McClane from Die Hard!) in the article below.

Real Avengers in the Idol World! PASSPO☆ Shows Serious Cosplay for Halloween Photo


Natsuki Takeuchi from TsuriBit


Karin Ogino from Yumemiru Adolescence


Sara from Yokohama CLEAR’S

This is definitely not even close to being half of all the great Halloween pictures from 2015 but trying to find them all on the Internet is like trying to catch falling grains of sand with tweezers sometimes. Who knows how many hundred (or thousands) more went up in the time that this article was made? As always, we want to get started earlier next year to bring you even more cute and scary Halloween costumes but, it feels like we always think that and it never happens!

For those of you who like to read and look at pictures or video, here is a list of other articles related to Halloween 2015. Have fun and be safe!

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AKB48, SNH48, JKT48 and You? Participate in an International Fan Version of “Halloween Night”!

Real Avengers in the Idol World! PASSPO☆ Shows Serious Cosplay for Halloween Photo

Ghosts Enjoy Halloween, too!? Check Out Shiggy Jr.’s New MV “GHOST PARTY”

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