Hakoiri♡Musume Think Outside the Box to Produce Their First MV “Hohoemi to Haru to One Piece”!

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Hakoiri♡Musume Think Outside the Box to Produce Their First MV “Hohoemi to Haru to One Piece”!

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Aspiring actress idol group Hakoiri♡Musume has produced their first MV for their first original song “Hohoemi to Haru to One Piece”!

Making a name for themselves in the idol scene with their refreshing visuals, theatrics, and covers of J-pop classics since 2014, Hakoiri♡Musume was able to make this project possible thanks to the warm support of their fans. Turning to crowdfunding in order to raise the 800,000 yen ($6-7,000 US) budgeted for making the MV, Hakoiri♡Musume almost doubled that amount and ended up receiving more than 1.5 million yen ($12-13,000 US) in pledges! Here is the video that they posted on their crowdfunding page.

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Expanding on the theatrical “Gekidan hakomusu” portion of their live performances, where they enter the world of the songs that they sing, simply making a studio dance shot MV was not enough to fulfill the vision that Hakoiri♡Musume had for “Hohoemi to Haru to One Piece”! They were aiming to make it more like a short movie.

Filmed over 2 days in a studio and on location in Chichibu, Saitama with a RED 4K camera, the MV is scheduled to be premiered at a special screening for the fans who contributed funds to the film on June 28th with a release on YouTube following shortly after. Hakoiri♡Musume may not yet be a name that that well known but, with such a commitment to their vision, they seem poised for the coming “age of quality”.

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