Anime Goods and Party Items, All in a Super Chaotic Bookstore?! Village Vanguard Shibuya Udagawa Shop

Anime Goods and Party Items, All in a Super Chaotic Bookstore?! Village Vanguard Shibuya Udagawa Shop
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Village Vanguard is a bookstore that holds a wide range of books from manga to photo books, practical use books to travel books. But what makes Village Vanguard interesting is that it’s not just a bookstore! It also has interesting goods and miscellaneous items as well. (Actually, they may even have more random things than books?!)

This time, Marianchu visited Village Vanguard Udagawa Shop. This location is fairly large in comparison to others. We started exploring from the very back of the right hand side.

shibuya-village-vangurd-45shibuya-village-vangurd-33 shibuya-village-vangurd-34shibuya-village-vangurd-24

Marianchu looks very serious while choosing a book, but as soon as she notices the shirt hanging above, she couldn’t help but smile.

shibuya-village-vangurd-03 shibuya-village-vangurd-04 shibuya-village-vangurd-06

And now, let’s move on to the random things we find! First, party items! For people who enjoy parties, Village Vanguard is and indispensable shop. There are sunglasses with eyelashes, masks of animals and characters, and even cosplay items. From the oversized snacks to the colorful curry, the items in Village Vanguard are perfect for parties!

shibuya-village-vanguard-47shibuya-village-vangurd-16 shibuya-village-vangurd-17 shibuya-village-vangurd-18 shibuya-village-vangurd-20

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Village Vanguard Udagawa Shop
Address : Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Udagawacho 33-1 Shibuya Grand B1F
Nearest Station : Shibuya
TEL : 03-5728-4227



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