TGU GIVEAWAY: @JAM Theme Song CDs & Signed Tote Bags

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TGU GIVEAWAY: @JAM Theme Song CDs & Signed Tote Bags

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@JAM EXPO 2014, one of the largest idol events of the year, had 100 groups performing in one day at Yokohama Arena on August 31st and this month’s giveaway items are goods that were sold at that event. But that is not all! In addition to the CD for the theme song of @JAM EXPO “Yume no Suna ~a theme of @JAM~” that was only sold at the event, we are including @JAM tote bags that have been signed by the groups that performed at @JAM the Field vol. 6 as a set for 4 lucky Tokyo Girl’s Update subscribers!

“Yume no Suna ~ a theme of @JAM~” was written specially for the event by Hyadain, the producer behind, Momoiro Clover Z, Ebisu Shiritsu Chuugaku, and many other popular songs. It was sung by a special unit @JAM ALL-STARS 2014 which includes: Risa Aizawa from, Hitomi Arai from TOKYO GIRLS STYLE, Mari Takahashi from Dorothy Little Happy, Mariya Suzuki from Cheeky Parade, and Azusa Sekine from UP UP GIRLS (KARI).

Because the CDs and tote bags were only sold @JAM EXPO 2014, if you don’t already have one, it’s too late to get one but here is your last chance to get these ultra rare items! If selected, you have your choice of these 4 bags (please select which one you would like but, you may leave that option blank also):

1. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE, Sunmyu~, Dorothy Little Happy
2. Moso Calibration, Tokyo Performance Doll
3. Yumemiru Adolescence, Party Rockets
4. DIANNA☆SWEET, Karat☆, Pla2me, Maison book girl
5. No preference

The details shots of the signed tote bags are on the campaign page (click the button below!), so check it out!

img-tgu-giveaway-jam-01 img-tgu-giveaway-jam-03Here is one of the bags as demonstrated by Tokyo Rad Girl Renalee chan! It’s pretty big and you can even put something A4-sized in it vertically so it will definitely come in handy!

Apply here!

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