Talented Hi-Spec Idols! Check Out the Magnificent World of GEM’s New MV “Star Shine Story”

Talented Hi-Spec Idols!  Check Out the Magnificent World of GEM’s New MV “Star Shine Story”

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10 member girls group GEM made their major debut on January 1st of this year on Avex’s idol sub-label, iDol Street. Most of the group’s members dreamed to make it big from an early age, taking singing and dancing lessons to help further their goals. Then finally this year the group, averaging 16.9 years in age, scored a major debut.

GEM will release their 3rd single, “Star Shine Story”, on December 17th (Wednesday), however earlier November 12nd the music video was made available for viewing ahead of the single’s release date.

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On their previous single, “Do You Believe?”, the group challenged a very un idol-like tune, with a club music feel suited more towards Western music tastes. Wearing heavy make-up and gaudy costumes, the group appealed to the concept of hi-spec ‘idols with talent’ by dancing and singing their hearts out. Naturally with such genuine singing and dancing, you can’t help but feel the girls hit their mark as a truly unique group.

The music video to their upcoming release, “Star Shine Story”, couldn’t be more different from their previous single, and really gives off an unprecedented high level of artistry.

The lyrics, “when you cry, laugh, get hurt, and love, I feel like we’ve surely met each other deep, down inside” from the music video are very inspirational, and draw you into another world parallel to the real world that fantastically depicts the world where “they’ve surely met”. It’s a magnificent work that makes the viewer feel as if they’ve just watched the end of a movie.

In this music video Maaya Takeda (16) plays the leading role, requiring her to play two different parts for the first time, and gushes enthusiastically, “When I heard I’d been chosen to play the lead I felt a lot of pressure, but when it came time to film, all I could seriously think about was making the best music video possible and just performing! ‘Star Shine Story’ is a really great song, and I hope the song will introduce many people, or even just one person, to GEM!”. A full version of the video is included with the single, where you can see her whole performance.
img-gem-star-shine-story-04 img-gem-star-shine-story-03

Actually, although due to be released soon, the group has been performing “Star Shine Story” at concerts since August as there were no special plans to release it at first. However, after performing it many times live, the well-received fusion between artistic-like and idol-like qualities made GEM synonymous for “idols with talent”, and finally a release date was decided for the long-awaited single.

Through the success of their completely sold out, first solo concert at Shinjuku BLAZE in September, performances, and events, the girls are gaining followers as they continue on in high spirits. GEM’s brilliant story to stardom can’t be missed!!

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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