New Moon Rising: DIANNA☆SWEET’s First Solo Concert in Tokyo!

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New Moon Rising: DIANNA☆SWEET’s First Solo Concert in Tokyo!

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DIANNA☆SWEET held their first solo concert in Tokyo “Who you?“on November 15th at Shibuya’s Sound Museum Vision, marking yet another milestone for one of Japan’s fastest rising idol groups. img_DIANNA_SWEET_01
Stepping on stage wearing black one-piece dresses, DIANNA☆SWEET set the tone early with their first single “SPIDER LOVE”, trapping the audience in their web with their energetic dancing. They continued on with “ICE CREAM MAGIC” before Rinon and Yurina went off stage. Following “Hug You! Hug Me!” and a short self-introduction and a talk about their feelings regarding their first solo concert in Tokyo, Azumi Suzuki and Julia Moe slowed things down with the emotional ballad “Kataomoi”, bringing the previously boisterous crowd to complete silence as the final refrains of the piano rang out. Rinon and Yurina returned, alongside fellow PREDIANNA members Aimi and Yua and performed Tokyo Girls’ Style’s “Partition Love”. After introducing themselves, they did ℃-ute’s “Ai tte Motto Zanshin” before leaving the stage. There was a special treat for the fans as it was announced that they would be having a fashion show in the middle of the concert. The audience became a sea of glowing screens as the phones and cameras came out to document the members of DIANNA☆SWEET from every angle possible. Posing in several different styles of school uniforms, those who attended the evening show were treated to the members wearing sparkly white party dresses. A good number of quality pictures from that event can be found on Twitter if you search for “#diannasweet”.

After several minutes filled with the clicking shutters of digital cameras, DIANNA☆SWEET continued their performance with “Be Crazy” and a cover of Nozomi Ohara’s “Please Stop Loving You”. Momoka Okamoto, a solo idol from their same talent agency was introduced and she didn’t miss a beat as she gave a rousing performance of legendary super idol Aya Matsuura’s “Momoiro Kataomoi”. Despite admitting her nervousness on her blog the next day, she seemed to have no trouble getting the fans to cheer her on.

DIANNA☆SWEET returned, this time dressed all in black: Julia and Azumi in sleeveless dresses and Mana, Fuka, Rinon, and Yurina in lacy long sleeve tops and high-waisted black skirts. Wielding gold folding fans, they performed their upcoming single “Deep Snow”, which sounds a bit like a throwback musically to jazz music of the early 20th century.

Once again the formation changed, with Azumi and Julia being joined by Momoka and forming a unit called DIANNA☆M. They explained that the M was for “mysterious” and not “masochistic” as many of the fans were thinking (in Japan, the words “sadistic” and “masochistic” are often referred to by their first letters and are a common topic when discussing one’s personality). They performed “LUCIFER” a more adult-sounding number that will probably be included as a bonus track on an upcoming DIANNA☆SWEET single. Wait and see! All the members returned to the stage to give their thanks to everyone who made this important first step for them possible and ended the set list with the cheerful “Go Ahead”.

After a few minutes of and enthusiastic “Moe-chan! Azumi!” chant from the audience, all 9 members returned to the stage for an electrifying rendition of the legendary song that all idol fans should know, Morning Musume.’s “Ren’ai Revolution 21”. As with many idol concerts, there was a surprise announcement; DIANNA☆SWEET would be returning to Sound Museum Vision for another solo concert on February 22, 2015. DIANNA☆SWEET’s milestone night drew to a close with the towel-waving frenzy of “Koi wa Fusion” and the young rising stars from Nagoya returned home to prepare for their next challenge.

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