Experience Akihabara Past and Present :’s New MV for “Akihabalife♪” Released

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Experience Akihabara Past and Present :’s New MV for “Akihabalife♪” Released

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Following the MV for “Ashita Chikyu ga Konagona ni Nattemo”, revealed the new MV for “Akihabalife♪“(release date:September 16th).

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The story of the MV is that navigates the city of Akihabara from the past to the present. To describe the flow of the time, the materials used for filming is changing from old ones such as Super 8mm film or BETACAM to new ones like iPhone and 4K drone camera. 12 materials are used for the video shooting in total. The director of this MV is BOZO&YGQ who have produced’s MVs like “Fuyu eto Hashiridasuo!” and “Lemon-iro”.

Throughout the MV, sings huge love for Akihabara and it was filmed at some electrical store which represents the old culture of Akihabara. In the latter part of the MV, the big electric store (which might be Onoden) is chosen for the MV. This clearly explains that Akihabara’s old culture still survives. Akihabara is now famous for animation and idols but it reminds people that Akihabara used to be a center of electric shops in Japan.

Akihabalife♪ will be included in their new single “Ashita Chikyu ga Konagona ni Nattemo”. There will be 4 types of CDs to be sold, limited edition type-A,B,C and regular edition. The meeting event with the members will be held but the participants will be selected by a lot. Those who are lucky enough to win the ticket, enjoy with professionals of Akihabara!

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