Ninjas in an Office! Why? Death Rabbits Release MV for “Nande?”

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Ninjas in an Office! Why? Death Rabbits Release MV for “Nande?”

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Death Rabbits are back with the MV for their 5th single “Nande?” (release date: November 11)!

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The MV focuses on Bucho (producer Akira Kanzaki) who is a typical office worker that attracts ninjas and the scorn of co-workers, except for a young woman sitting at a nearby desk. She leaves him a note and he hurries to finish his work so he can have a romantic moonlight rooftop rendezvous. However, it is a trap and Bucho finds himself fighting more ninjas, this time they are lead by a female in red, who turns out to be the co-worker he had a crush on! Why didn’t they go out on a date after he defeated her? Bucho goes off to drink away the night and search for answers to that and other questions. If he lives out near elephants and giraffes, how is he going to get home after 2:30am in the morning?

There are English subtitles for the lyrics but, in the middle of the song while Emi is singing, they disappear! It’s because she is singing in English! Did you understand what she was singing? Why or why not? Further details of the single have not yet been released. Why did they finish the MV for the single before releasing the track list or cover art? There are many questions in life but isn’t that the only way that people end up learning things?

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