Colorful and Pop! Cheeky Parade Unleash MV for “Shout along!”

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Colorful and Pop!  Cheeky Parade Unleash MV for “Shout along!”

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Cheeky Parade unleashed the MV for their new single “Shout along!”. (release date : April 26)

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MV is very colorful and pop with a lot of effects, which reminds us of 80’s video game feeling. The members is mentioning this MV as “every scene can be a picture”.

On March 14th (JST), Cheeky Parade will perform in Tokyo for SXSW in Texas to appear on “CYBER TELEPORTATION TOKYO” event, presented by a Japanese telecommunications company NTT. While a Japanese DJ starRo performing live in Austin, Cheeky Parade will perform simultaneously in Tokyo, and NTT’s technology will bring Tokyo to Texas.

The single will be released in CD+Blu-ray version and regular version. Regular version is only available at live concert venue and mu-mo shop.

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