Sneak a Peek at the Contents of BiSH’s Live Version DVD from “DEADMAN”!

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Sneak a Peek at the Contents of BiSH’s Live Version DVD from “DEADMAN”!

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BiSH has released a teaser of the contents included in the Live version of their major label debut single “DEADMAN” (release date: May 4)!

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Compared to the low-resolution streaming video, the footage taken from their Eden of Sorrow Tour Final “IDOL is SHiT” at EBISU LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo on January 19, 2016 looks crisp and clear. The DVD includes all 23 songs as well as the moment when the big news of their major label debut with avex trax was announced. Instead of thinking of it as a single that costs as much as a live DVD, why not think of it as a live DVD which comes with a single?

“DEADMAN” will be featured on the Nippon TV music show BUZZRHYTHM for 3 weeks starting on April 29th. It has also been chosen as the May 2016 ending theme song for the television shows Kuroi Joshi Hakusho (Fukuoka TV), Joshista (Sapporo TV), and 2 Johan Record (Fukushima Chuo TV).


In addition to holding release events to promote “DEADMAN”, BiSH will also be broadcasting a 24-hour long webstream titled “24 Hour Party BiSH” from 6:30pm (JST) May 2nd until 7:00pm May 3rd. “DEADMAN” will also be released in a MV version with the MV and making of video for “DEADMAN” and a regular CD version.


If you happen to be at a Tower Records for one of their release events, don’t forget to grab a copy (or a few) of the May 2016 issue of bounce as soon as you can because BiSH is on the cover! If you wait too long, the “seisouin” (BiSH fans) might have already collected them all before you now it!

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