Berryz Kobo To Break Up In Next Spring

Berryz Kobo To Break Up In Next Spring

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As you may know already, there was a big news last weekend.

On August 2, during Hello! Project concert 2014 SUMMER at Nakano Sun Plaza, Saki Shimizu announced that Berryz Kobo will suspend their activities indefinitely from next spring. Practically, it will be a breakup of the group at this time. The official site of Hello! Project said a specific date of the disbandment will be announced as soon as fixed.

The producer Tsunku♂ revealed how it was decided on his official blog, “To my great regret as their producer, but it was the final call the members made through discussions. I’ve seen the girls have grown up along with a lot of works since Berryz was formed. Therefore, I believe this will be a good opportunity for them to take a new step.”

Tsunku♂ also expressed his gratitude for the great assistance the fans gave Berryz Kobo.

The official also said Berryz still have the Budokan concert in December, Fall tour, releasing of new song(s), and ask the fans continuing support.

This is how it went so far, but, honestly, we feel the whole thing is too sad for words. The world famous (at least in idol universe) decade long idol group end up with such a mysterious finish?

What do you think, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Berryz Kobo official website :
Tsunku♂ official blog :

written by Yuji Hara

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