New Album’s Opening Track! BAND-MAID Releases the MV for “Don’t you tell ME”

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New Album’s Opening Track! BAND-MAID Releases the MV for “Don’t you tell ME”

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BAND-MAID released the MV for “Don’t you tell ME” which will be included in their first full album “Just Bring It” (release date : January 11). The MV was revealed at their one-man live ” 1st Full Album “Just Bring It” Pre-Release One-man ~Shinnen Hatsu Okyuushi Hajimemasu~” which was held on January 9 at Akasaka BLITZ.

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“Just Bring It” has 13 tracks including “Don’t you tell ME”. There will be a limited edition with a 32-page photobook as well as a regular version. BAND-MAID has also has announced their nationwide one-man tour “First one-man Okyuushi Tour 2017” starting from May. Six concerts will be held in 5 different prefectures in Japan. Check it out too!

First one-man Okyuushi Tour 2017

May 10, 2017 : Tokyo, Tokyo Kinema Club
May 19, 2017 : Aichi, Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
May 21, 2017 : Osaka, Umeda CLUB QUATTRO
May 26, 2017 : Fukuoka BEST STATION
June 4, 2017 : Hokkaido, Sound Lab mole
June 15, 2017 : Tokyo, LIQUIDROOM

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Track List

01 Don’t you tell ME
02 Puzzle
03 Moratorium
07 Take me higher!!
08 So,What?
10 you.
11 Awkward
12 decided by myself
13 secret My lips

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