BABYMETAL to Become Defenders of Metal in Upcoming Live-Action Animated Series!

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BABYMETAL to Become Defenders of Metal in Upcoming Live-Action Animated Series!

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Riding high off their triumphant 2 days at Tokyo Dome with RED NIGHT/BLACK NIGHT, BABYMETAL is looking to add the world of live-action and animation with a series to be launched by Warner Bros.’ Blue Ribbon Content and Amuse USA. With KOBAMETAL as the producer of the series, expectations are high to see what the Fox God has in store for SU-METAL, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL.

Episodes will feature the members of BABYMETAL switching between the real and animated worlds via a portal to save metal from being under attack. While this sounds incredibly awesome, further details have yet to be released, which leads to some questions such as: Will the theme song be a new song or something already released. Will BABYMETAL be providing the voices for their characters in Japanese or English or will the series be similar to something like Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi where the animated characters spoke in English via voice actors? Will many of BABYMETAL’s supporters in the metal community lend their voices to the project? Is there a possibility of a Metalocalypse or Detroit Metal City crossover episode? Will Tomato-kun make an appearance? What kind of new merchandise will be made to tie-in with the series?

While there is no doubt that BABYMETAL have the world in the palm of their hand right now, it raises the stakes much higher for Warner Bros. and Amuse USA to make the series as world changing as their music. In the meantime, fans all over the world await to see what the Fox God will reveal regarding BABYMETAL in 2017.

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