ANGERME Meimi Tamura Annnounces to Graduate from the Group in Spring 2016

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ANGERME Meimi Tamura Annnounces to Graduate from the Group in Spring 2016

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It was announced that ANGERME’s 2nd generation member Meimi Tamura will graduate from the group.

ANGERME has just missed Kanon Fukuda at her graduation concert on November 29th at Nippon Budokan concert, so this announcement must be surprising and shocking to the group’s fans. (Read Kanon’s graduation live report)


About the reason of the graduation, she left message on on Hello! Project official website. Here is the translation of that.

I, Meimi Tamura, will graduate from ANGERME, and also Hello! Project, when I become 3rd year student in my high school ( it means next Spring 2016).

I think I worked so hard since S/mileage era for almost 4 years and a half, as one of the Hello! Project’s idol. This year we could made Nippon Budokan live concerts twice and had a Hall tour, with 9 members. We also had welcomed new members and Kanon Fukuda’s graduation. 2015 was a very fulfilling year.

However, during these events, I have started to think “I myself also want to make a new challenge “, step by step. Thankfully many people say they love me singing, and hearing that kind of words, I started think “I want to sing forever”.

My another dream…I want to make my dream come true to be a musical actor. I want to make this dream come true, as I once did by joining S/mileage.

Of course I feel anxiety too, however, I think I could made this choice for myself because my fans were there.

ANGERME has been getting bigger since we were born S/milage. I am very proud of being able to work as one of the members and as Hello! Project idols. I will work much harder than before until my graduation day.

Please continue to support ANGERME and Meimi Tamura, thank you.


Read the interview with ANGERME from October 2015


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