Kanon Fukuda Graduates ANGERME In Tears And Takes Her Next Step To Become a Song Writer

Kanon Fukuda Graduates ANGERME In Tears And Takes Her Next Step To Become a Song Writer

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On November 29, ANGERME held their concert at Nippon Budokan and it has become the last concert for Kanon Fukuda, one of the 1st generation members of the group. She has been involved in Hello! Project since Hello! Project Egg and was the first generation member of S/mileage. Her 11 years as an idol was definitely not an easy life, as she experienced the fellow member’s withdrawal from the group, the joining of new members, and the changing of the group name.


Not only that the concert was Kanon’s graduation live, it was also the final of ANGERME’s first concert tour 2015 Autumn “Hyakkaryouran”. They started off their performance with the new single “Desugita Kugi wa Utarenai” that fascinated the audience with its powerful dance and tune, which definitely represented the current ANGERME full of energy. As the jaunty rhythm heated up the audience, they continued to perform their upbeat songs such as “Dondengaeshi”, “Nanakorobi Yaoki”, and “Chikyuuwa Kyoumo Aiwo Hagukumu”.
In the first MC, the leader Ayaka Wada commented, “It will be our last performance with this 9 members, so we hope we can show everything we have”, and Kanon Fukuda stated, “This day has come. I will do my best so I can engrave the name ‘Kanon Fukuda’ in ANGERME’s history”.

After performing five songs, they introduced ANGERME’s new member Moe Kamikokuryo, who will be on stage for the first time at the Hello! Project Count Down Concert. In addition, they also announced that Kana Nakanishi and Akari Takeuchi would be assumed as the new sub leaders.


Towards the middle of the concert, Kanon sang with each of the members one by one in a medley. With Ayaka Wada, she sang “Futariwa NS”; with Rikako Sasaki, “Kiiroi Jitenshato Sandwich”; with Maho Aikawa, “Shikkari shiteyo! Mou”; with Mizuki Murota, “Odorouyo”; with Meimi Tamura, “Smile Blues”; with Rina Katsuta, “Koiibitowa Kokorono Ouendan”; with Akari Takeuchi, “Nee Senpai”; and with Kana Nakanishi, “Yattaruchan”.
Unlike the previous forms in a graduation ceremony where the graduating member reads a letter to each member, seeing Kanon sing with every member seemed as if she was conveying a message in the song, and we were able to sense that each pair shared a common feeling towards each other.
As Kanon finished singing with all 8 members, Maimi Yajima (℃-ute) appeared on stage as a surprise guest and read a letter to Kanon.


“S/mileage was our first younger group, and we were stimulated by the cute four member’s who were all good singers”
“I know you went through all obstacles of the member’s graduation, joining of new members, and the changing of the group name. Even I felt so many rapid changes going on, so I think the members were in a tougher situation. Especially Kanon and Ayacho were involved in every incident, from the lonely to tough ones, so I’m really impressed that you kept the group going. Without you two’s hard work, there wouldn’t have been the ANGERME now”.
“I remember Kanon’s motto was ‘Nothing is a waste in live’. I truly think the same. I believe that all the painful experiences made you a stronger person, and that you have gained many things that a person who had a smooth sailing life would not be able to have. I’m really looking forward to see you pursue your new life as a songwriter and hope that you will have a great future ahead of you. Thank you for all your hard work”.


After wiping her tears, Kanon sang her solo song “Watashi” that she wrote the lyrics herself, and the other 8 members sang “Kousaten” as if they were responding to Kanon’s music. While the performance of “Kousaten”, Kanon changed her costume and appeared on the center stage wearing a beautiful pink dress, which looked as if she had become a Cinderella.


She then read her letter to the members and to the audience, and commented to Ayacho how she never thought it would be the two of them in S/mileage left in the end. After the performance of “Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabancho”, the venue was heated up by the “Choikawa!” call, and the concert has finally come to its climax. The live was at its peak when they sang to “Uchoten LOVE”, which is one of S/mileage’s best songs in their history.

When the performance has finally ended and endless Kanon calls came from the audience, Kanon appeared on stage once again, and read a letter that expressed her feelings.
She stated,
“I knew nothing about the entertainment industry when I joined Hello! Project, but I just loved Hello! Project and wanted to become an idol like them. I have never expected to see such beautiful scenery like this when I auditioned 11 years ago. I feel like I can get over any hardships if I have these 11 years of love from everyone. Thank you so much!”


When Kanon debuted as S/mileage, her catch phrase was “a reincarnation of Cinderella”, which everyone laughed and took it as a joke. However, this day, everyone would agree that she has truly transformed into a beautiful Cinderella.



Opening Act
OA1. Seishun Manmannaka! / Tsubaki Factory (Camellia Factory)
OA2. Dosukoi! Kenkyoni Daitan / Kobushi Factory (Magnolia Factory)
Opening VTR – Hyakkaryouran –

M01. Desugita Kuiwa Utarenai
M02. Nanakorobi Yaoki
M03. Shin・Nipponno Susume!
M04. Chikyuuwa Kyoumo Aiwo Hagukumu
M05. Eeka!?
Introduction of Kamikyokuryu Moe (New member)
Rina Nakanishi and Takeushi Akari as new subleader

M06. Dondengaeshi
M07. Otomeno Gyakushuu
M08. Samuine。
M09. Please Miniskirt Postwoman!
M10. Yume Miru 15
– Member VTR – RANRANRAN (Concluding episode)
M11. Medley
– Futariwa NS / Kanon Fukuda & Ayaka Wada
– Kiiroi Jitenshato Sandwich / Kanon Fukuda & Rikako
– Shikkarishiteyo! Mou / Kanon Fukuda & Maho Aikawa
– Odorouyo / Kanon Fukuda & Mizuki Murota
– Smile Blues / Kanon Fukuda & Meimi Tamura
– Koibitowa Kokorono Ouendan (S/mileage ver.) / Kanon
Fukuda & Rina Katsuta
– Nee Senpai / Kanon Fukuda & Akari Takeuchi
– Yattaruchan / Kanon Fukuda & Kana Nakanishi
M12. Watashi / Kanon Fukuda
M13. Kousaten
M14. Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabanchou
M15. Atarashii Watashini NAre!
M16. Onaji Jikyuude Hataraku Tomodachino Bijin Mama
M17. Uchouten LOVE
M18. Gashinshoutan
M19. Tomoyo
M20. Taikibansei
EN1. Watashino Kokoro / Kanon Fukuda
MC5 Kanon Fukuda Graduation Ceremony
EN2. Tabidachino Haruga Kita
EN3. Sukichan

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