AKB48 Finally Meets Thai Fans at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2016!

AKB48 Finally Meets Thai Fans at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2016!

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AKB48 appeared on the main stage of “JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2016” in Bangkok, Thailand on January 24th. It was their long-awaited first live in Thailand after the event was postponed due to a bombing in August of 2015.



“JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2016” is an event that introduces the Japanese anime, game, music, fashion, along with the Japanese food and culture to Thailand, and this time it was held from January 22 to 24. More than 20,000 fans gathered in front of the stage, and the performance also involved the audience singing and dancing along to “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.




For 5 lucky fans who won the lottery, they received a team-“oshi” happi coat with the signatures of the members! At last, the venue was filled with endless AKB calls, and we felt the Thai fan’s strong enthusiasm towards AKB48.


Comment from Haruka Shimada:

It was the first time for me to do a live in Thailand, but the fans warmly greeted us and I was able to enjoy the stage to the fullest. Thank you so much for the cheers and for livening up the atmosphere. We will try our best to come back and hold a live in Thailand again, and I hope you will see us at that time too.
Please come to the AKB48 theater in Japan as well! We will be waiting!

Event Information:

JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2016@Central World
Date: January 24, 2016 (Sun) 17:30-18:15
※local time (2 hours time difference between Japan and Thailand)
Place: Central World, Bangkok, Thailand
Members: Haruka Shimada, Mariya Suzuki, Aeri Yokoshima, Rina Izuta, Rena Nozawa

Set List

Kibouteki Refrain
Oogoe Diamond
Ponytail To Shushu
Koisuru Fortune Cookie

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