Anime Japan 2016 Event Report Vol. 2: D. Gray-man Hollow Stage Announcing New Information and Casts!!

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Anime Japan 2016 Event Report Vol. 2: D. Gray-man Hollow Stage Announcing New Information and Casts!!

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Since it’s first on air in 2006, D. Gray-man comes back on TV for the first time in ten years this summer!! The work is new in casts and staff members with a strong support of Katsura Hoshino, author of D. Gray-man who still serializes D. Gray-man on JUMP SQ CROWN, to create an anime work close as possible to the original comic work.

On March 26th (Sat) at the GREEN STAGE set up in Anime Japan 2016, almost 1000 fans gathered to hear the new announcement that will be announced this day.


The stage blackened out and the newest promotion video was projected on the screen. At the same time, fans noticed the change in the title, which is D. Gray-man Hollow. From the new title, we understood that this work will add a new track to D. Gray-man’s history. Ayumu Murase, who has been announced as the cast of Allen Walker on JUMP Festival 2016, appeared on stage, speaking Allen’s words.

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The second cast announced is Natsuki Hanae, who will be acting Lavi. Hanae commented how he was put on pressure till he was called up on stage today, and told that he is proud of acting in a work that he was a big fan from his school days.

The third cast announced is Takuya Satou, who will be acting Yuu Kanda. Satou commented how he is feeling the fan’s passion toward this work by looking at their facial expression.

Also, the director and scriptwriters and other casts were announced on the screen. The new casts, director, and scriptwriters are below.
Lenalee Lee: Ai Kakuma
Howard Link: Shinnosuke Tachibana
The Earl of Millennium: Yutaka Aoyama
Tyki Mykk: Masakazu Nishida
Road Kamelot: Yui Kondo
Wisely: Soichiro Hoshi
Alma Karma: Ryota Asari
Director: Yoshiharu Ashino
Scriptwriters: Michiko Yokote, Tatsuto Higuchi, Kenichi Yamashita

The new main visual also appeared on screen which is completely new from the image of D. Gray-man which brings mainly black, red or white to the visual. However, this time, the main color is pink, with the sentence “Don’t stop. Just Keep Walking.”


After the new information were announced, casts answered the two questions: What is the similarity between you and your acting character, and which character do you like the most?

Murase answered that he is a great eater just like Allen, and his most favorite character is Malcom=C=Lvellie, who is an evil character, but Murase told his cuteness and his evilness is not from his true heart. Hanae answered that he and Lavi has similar favorite phrase “sa”, and his most favorite character is Lenalee, who changed Hanae to a thigh fetist. He also talked about how he was shocked when her hair became short. Satou answered it is very difficult to seek similarity with Kanda especially, but he answered that his strong and healthy body is the similarity with him. Also, Satou’s favorite characters are people from Asian branch office, especially Sammo Han Won.

In the end, information about the Niconico Broadcast ~Black Order at Niconico Office~ will start from May 7th. Also, the homepage has been newly opened.

The stage ended with three casts commenting on their enthusiasm toward the anime. Hanae told about making a new Lavi, without copying the previous work as he created Lavi inside his mind preparing for the audition. Lavi is a character who can be interpreted in several ways, so he told he is fighting to face with the character now to create a work that gets satisfied to many fans. Satou talked about how he and the other actors are shaving their energy and soul to create a perfect world for the anime. Also, he excitingly spoke about the experience that he would get by the influence with many new actors acting in this work, including him. Murase thanked the fans for gathering today, and mentioned how he got tensed by the fans’ facial expression at JUMP festival. Also, he will do his best for Katsura (author), who strongly recommended Murase for Allen’s voice actor.

D. Gray-man Official Homepage:

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