Bring Your Coffee to Life with Kawaii 3D Latte Art

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Bring Your Coffee to Life with Kawaii 3D Latte Art

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In Japan there is no limit to what can be made kawaii—even latte art gets the cute treatment. If you already thought that those swirly patterns of foam on your coffee were photogenic, Japan takes it to the next level with 3D latte art. Reissue, a small café in the quirky side alleys of Harajuku, brings your latte to life with their incredibly detailed recreations.

They can turn any of your favorite characters into latte art, from Totoro to Rilakkuma to Hello Kitty. Loved by people all around the world, Totoro is a common request among both locals and visitors to Japan.


Or how about a cute animal? The Shiba Inu, one of Japan’s most adorable representatives, is a highly popular choice at Reissue. There’s something sweet about a smiling Shiba Inu bobbing up and down in your coffee cup; it’s endearingly photogenic and perfect for your Instagram.


You could even get personal. Many customers request a latte art of their own dogs and cats from back home. All you have to do is show the staff a photo, and they will get right to frothing up a fluffy recreation of your beloved pet. It might feel funny to drink your pet out of a mug, but it’s worth the cute photo opportunity.

If you’re not feeling up for the 3D experience, you can still enjoy latte art 2D. Some might say having it flat makes it easier to paint a picture, so there are many more possibilities to work with. Whether two or three-dimensional, the latte art option comes at an extra cost of ¥400 on top of the drink.


Reissue also serves other drinks as well as cakes and savory lunch sets, so you have plenty of options to choose from together with your latte. With so many choices and the excitement of waiting for your finished latte art, the café is certainly a fun and cozy space to spend a quiet afternoon in.


The potential is endless, so why not have fun with your latte and spice it up with a real work of art? In Harajuku, right in the heart of creativity, you’ll find the perfect place to do that at Reissue.


Address: 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 3-25-7, Tanji Building 2F

Nearest station: Meiji-jingumae/Harajuku

TEL: 03-5785-3144



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