Yumemiru Adolescence’s MV for “JUMP!”, created with the help of fans, is finally complete!

Yumemiru Adolescence’s MV for “JUMP!”, created with the help of fans, is finally complete!

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Finally, Yumemiru Adolescence has revealed the Music Video for the energetic song “JUMP!“. The song was released as a coupling track of their latest single “Mawaru Sekai” which was on sale on April 22.


The Music Video was created through Tokyo Girls’ Update CROWD, our crowd funding platform launched to share charms of Japanese girls-pop culture more.
“JUMP!” is an up-tempo track and has choreography that includes spinning a towel around. In order to familiarize everyone with “JUMP!” as YumeAdo’s new live standard song, the group created a project in which they complete a MV together with their fans.

このミュージックビデオは日本のガールズポップカルチャーの海外展開を実現するプラットフォーム「Tokyo Girls’ Update CROWD」を通じて制作された。「JUMP!」はタオルを使った振り付けが特徴的なアップテンポチューン。夢アドの新たなライブ定番曲をより多くの人に知ってもらうため、ファンと一緒にMVを制作するプロジェクトが立ち上がった。

A making-of scene from the MV shooting

A making-of scene from the MV shooting

After the project was completed successfully, the MV shooting was carried out in Mid-June. Many fans participated in the shooting as extras. Furthermore, a special supporter was also invited as a guest of honor. He was there as the music video director, and looked upon the members warmly.
All of the participated fans fully enjoyed the shooting. Above all, it was so great that the members themselves enjoyed it.
With feelings of gratitude from the members, the names of participants are included in the credits of the completed MV as the ‘supporters’, hand-written by the members.


Even more, a special program titled “Tokyo Idol Update” will be screened on SPACE SHOWER TV plus. We, Tokyo Girls’ Update, will also broadcast it with English subtitles. You can see how the project was put together, so stay tuned!

撮影の様子はスペースシャワーTVプラス、またTokyo Girls’ Updateにて字幕付きで配信されるスペシャル番組「Tokyo Idol Update」にて放送される予定。プロジェクトの舞台裏を覗くことが出来る。

Now, this is a memorable work that YumeAdo co-produced a MV with fans for their first time.
You can feel the atmosphere of a live performance of YumeAdo. By all means, please take a look!


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We really appreciate all the support we received from everyone.
ご協力頂いたみなさま、本当に有り難うございました!!! (from Tokyo Girls’ Update 一同)

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